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Jeb Corliss is insane in the membrane of his silky flying suit. This was Life and Death!!!


*insert caption here*

Have I posted this before? Can't remember. Thurnis Haley is worth watching again though!


Just because I like goats. And I'm not kidding.

What other animals would you like to see back flipping? A giraffe would be good, an ant less so, a kangaroo could get some airtime. Cheers to at CollinsBoy at Renthal for the find.

Watch this and see what's a Brompton. Actually it's got a bit of a cult (I did spell that right) following...anybody checked out the Brompton World Champs?


mmm scones.

And they only cost a couple of squid each.

Ed@Dirt spotted this class tune. If you find the sight of limp chipolatas waggling around in a small pouch disturbing then don't watch this! But I think it's ace and even Dai Robot is in it!

How about a Ska theme today? Any takers?

I woke up with this tune in my head this morning so it's got to get played today, think the Pioneers did the original but I love the Specials, so here is Long Shot Kick de Bucket.

Jamaica Ska from Pat.

Downhilldan likes spunge -Kicking Pigeons

Dirty Dee recommends Capdown – Ska Wars