It's that time of the week again and today marks the day that invisible ink was invented by Sir James Jay, a tenuous link but James Bond must have used invisible ink. He also barrel rolled a car in The Man with the Golden Gun, so our first video is the modern day equivalent.

And if you want to see the inspiration for the stunt above then check out the original below. Also, pub quiz fact of the day...The stunt driver for the stunt was British and had the best stuntman name ever, Bumps Williard. Cubby Broccoli also apparently gave him bonus for getting it right first take!

This one came from Ed earlier in the week and had us in stitches, if you have ever watched the WRC then you will know that pace notes are serious business. That's not the case for these two and even though we need to add a language warning it's probably the funniest thing we have seen in ages.

Now from that car based tomfoolery lets get a bit weird. Everyone knows that if you chop a chickens head off then it runs about for a bit but who would have thunk a snake that had it's head cut off could then bite it's recently departed body. Not one for the squeamish out there!

And to finish there is nothing quite like some bonkers street posters, from a long list these were our favourites.


Now after that dose of interweb weirdness head for the hills, ride your cycles and let us know what you get up to on Twitter using #dirtweekendride