Motley selection of weird and wonderful stuff found on the loose chippings of the Information SuperHighway this morning.

The Treadmill bike, spotted by El Gourdo off of the Dirt Forum.

Fish on bonnet

This happens to me a lot.

ZoomQuilt's got some weird shizzle going on.

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10 Friday Points to whoever can tell me what the hell this is all about?

Philbert likes bikes and Philbert likes cars, but most of all he really likes girls.

The only problem with Philbert is he has more luck with bikes and cars than he does with girls.

Perhaps Philbert should change his name and become Chris Searl.


Yippee, hottest day of the year coming up this weekend say the weather people.

Some Friday Trololo Metal.


I've no idea what goes on at football matches, this guy doesn't appear to know either.

Pallet Quarter.

explain this image

Malcolm McLaren the godfather of punk passed away yesterday. Rest in peace Malcolm.