First up "Dirt can be good for children, say scientists"

Fat man

And I got charged excess baggage on the same flight.

High Wire

The Wallenda family nip out for a Sunday spin.

Scooby doo

Dog made me laugh.

Sexy or scary? What do you make of these female body builders?

Would love to live in this house.

Doesn't mean you're crazy if you talk to trains, I think the crazy one's are the one's who drive them.

How to park your bike Japanese style.

This isn't happiness.

Greggers (Dirt art director) found this about bees...

...and this about face banks...

...and one about Matrix Ping Pong but was a bit scratchy so here is Matrix Football instead.

Believe it or not Rodrigo y Gabriela are former members of a Mexican thrash metal band. This is my tune for the weekend number 1.

This is my tune for the weekend number 2.