OMG, LOL, WTF? it's Friday already. Here is some Random shit from computers around the world.

Star Trek

Dai Robot's cousin from FYDementia

There has been talk about bobsleighs and Fabien Barel, this isn't Fabien but two cheeky Brit bobbers.


"Simply" from the Dirt Forum spotted this gem. Made me hoot and I haven't even watch CSI.


Russian stuff.

Philbert's Phriday Photographer

I assisted for a time in London before starting out on my own.

I worked for some super nice guys and I worked for some total assholes.

One guy actually threw a camera at me because I had loaded the film incorrectly. This makes him an asshole.

The guy I'm about to introduce you to paid me more than double our agreed rate because of some serious overtime involved...unheard of in the photography assisting world.This makes him a very nice guy.

I also learned more from him in a 9 day job than many other photographers taught me in a year even if he did once have me entirely cover a greenhouse roof in tin foil.

You've seen his pictures you just didn't know who took them.

Now you do...ALAN

Tangerine Dream.

star wars

Couple of gifs from the web, soz, I forgot where I found these things I think it was here.

happy plane

Happy PLane


Ace horror of subway photos


A few different bikes.

To finish up, it's Ray Mayhew's B Day today. Ray was in a band called Sigue Sigue Sputnik back in the day. Here's one of their tunes Love Missile F-111