Mr Saturday-Night-Fever-Pulp-Fiction is 57 today. Happy B-Day stud.

Grease - You're The One That I Want

The Art of FLIGHT inspirational snowboarding film trailer.

A fully built MC Esher perpetual motion machine.

Almost as much fun as Name That Hub! (Thanks to someone I've forgotten the name of on the Dirt comments for this one)

Ex tractor fan

An Ex Tractor Fan

It's like this on the streets of Monmouth every night of the week.


Renners at Mpora put me on to this site...some good stuff.

No wheels involved, but respect to the birdman!


We've had this before, but it's an important message that guys need to need to get a guitar.

We all do this on the turbo when no one is around...don't we?

shooting airrifles is fun

Shooting up is fun.


Philbert the Phriday Photographer is on holiday this week so why not check out the AcidCow Picdump for some interesting photos.

You know the score...songs please.

Since it's John Travoltas Birthday today he can kick off the Weekend tunes

Mushroom season must be nearly here? Clocked this trippy number from an @garyperkin twitty-twit-tweet-tweet.

Peach of a tune from Craig: Midfield General featuring Noel Fielding "Midfielding"

Have a great weekend folks...see you back here on Monday! x