Today's Birthday boy is Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper. 63 candles on the bloody cake. Happy B-Day Alice.

What's your poison?

Philbert's Phriday Photog

Every discussion on this island called GB eventually turns to the weather.

No matter what the situation is you can always be guaranteed that it'll crop up.

Case in point: On the weekend we were out to celebrate friends and good times.

In the middle of making out of order comments about the pretty girls on the table next to us one of our lot says, "Yeah but look at them, they might be hot but they aren't very smart, they are dressed for summer and just looking at them makes me want to put more clothes on them not take 'em off, don't they know they're in Britain!"

Got me thinking about the point of a cold country without snow....what's the point!?

Snow really is one of the best things in the world.

You can play in it, you can eat (most of it), and most importantly you can make beautiful pictures in it.

One man has been at the fore of snow pictures for years.

His name is Dean Blotto Gray and he is one of the main players in the documentation of snowboard culture over the last 10 or so years.

His current position is Principal Photographer for Burton Snowboards and as such he has become synonymous with both the brand and the progressive images this industry produces each year.

It's Phriday, you've worked hard all week, click the link and reward yourself with a bit of YOU time.

If your boss gives you shit for wasting time, tell him Philbert made you do it and then just look at him blankly.

Happy Phriday.

The Force is strong with this one...

...but not so strong with this one.

mr t

Mr T and the Colonel from FYD.

Four handed Lady Gaga bluegrass Bad Romance jam.

moose smile

Photogenic Moose.

dancing chicken

Party Poulet



Good crane fail from Jack.

This is the orgasm that is created when two falcon punches collide.

Thanks to Jonny Everett for the heads up for what will be a weekly mash up spot.

your song here

Suggest some vinyl for DJ Phriday to spin on the Random wheels of steel and your anthem will appear here:

GIVE ME A KISS - NO MORE PATIENT from Give Me a Kiss on Vimeo.


Jon Moss: Chase & Status - 'Hypest Hype' Feat. Tempa T

That's all for today folks have a good weekend and remember what J. Paul Getty said: "The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights."