Today would have been Jackson Pollock's 99th Birthday. Happy Birthday Jackson.


Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

...the great man at work.


Sweet ghetto sledge.

If you're a big ex-tractor fan, you'll love this John Deer blowing it's top.

3 frame gif

More bonkers gifs from threeframes.

I pull away from the traffic lights in my van every day like this.

Philberts Phriday Photograper.

Robin Schwartz is one of the our great living photographers whose work is all about animals and humans relationships with them.

"Primate Protraits" I guarantee you will have never seen the like of before, and her series "Amelia's World" leaves you asking a million questions and wondering who the little girl is.

The saying goes, "Never work with children or animals" but Robin has thrown that adage out the window and created a genre almost entirely to herself.

If you delve a little deeper you'll find the girl is her daughter but it doesn't take anything away from what are simply magical pictures.

Jim Mynott sent this in: "Just seen the most awesome thing ever (well, until the next awesome thing ever pops along) thought you might like it."

I only watched the first two minutes but Jim said: "Keep on watching, it just gets better!"

Need to touch wood for luck? (Not wood in the American boner sense) the get yourself some of these adhesive jinx busters.

Designer Jon found this and reckoned it was rather inspirational.

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

What do you get if you cross Darth Vader, Batman and a great crested Grebe?

dirty harry

When Dirty Harry meets Rainman.


Julie Andrews telling it how it is.

party pizza

Krazy party time food. Take a peek at the weeks pics on Acid Cow.

Add your suggestion for a youtube weekend anthem and I'll post the ones I like up here.

I'll kick things off with one of my favs and from an album whose cover was inspired by Jackson Pollock (Birthday Today)'s the Stone Roses and She Bangs The Drums.

Daniel Blaney: sweet tune and only 500 views?!?!...Professor Kliq - Overhead

That's it...have a good weekend folks. See you on Monday. x