A few randoms which have nothing at all to do with the Windham World Cup but might kill a few minutes while we wait for the WC qualifying (downhill at 7pm and 4x at 11.30pm UK time.)


Andy Prince sent this photo in: "a random man playing his drumkit, which is bolted to his bike frame on a beach somewhere near Brighton a while ago..."

Dane Searls pushing the boat out with some biiiig jumps.


Dirt South East columnist Rod Fountain sourced this saucer story.

Philbert's Phriday Photograper

Now and again you come across someone who's life seems more than a little extraordinary and leaves you feeling as if

the life you live is somehow very sheltered.

My Old Man sent me an email last night that went like this:

"Our Kenora office is doing some work for this guy. He told them he was a photographer in very high risk areas. This IS a pun. The pictures explain why.

The shot of the tents hanging on the cliffs was a National Geographic commission and he apparently had to swing on a rope out from the cliff.

The rope was on a peg drilled into the cliff face. It took them 30 days to climb the face. I could think of some better things to do with 30 days of my life but

I know you would find this interesting."

Oh yeah, I sure did.

Makes me wanna go out and climb a really big hill.

No ropes or cliffs for me though...I'm scared of heights...we'll leave that to GORDON WILTSIE.

Absolutely breathtaking imagery. Check it.


<br/><a href="http://video.uk.msn.com/watch/video/rally-car-crash-near-miss/1j4lszg9v?fg=sharenoembed" mce_href="http://video.uk.msn.com/watch/video/rally-car-crash-near-miss/1j4lszg9v?fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Rally Car Crash Near Miss">Video: Rally Car Crash Near Miss</a>

Dirt designer Gregger's spotted this cucumber cool photographer in action.

....another cool crash customer

PES and the human skateboader.

How "pop" was made back in the day.


Really not sure what this is? But DirtTV defo need one...(see below)


...UPDATE...Andy in the comments recognised it as the worlds first digital camera, it recorded the image on to a cassette then pipes them via a microcomputer on to a telly. Check here for the info.

The Wurzels have some fun with the bailer.

Could this be the next macarena?

hander pants

Yes, well a flamethrower trombone is all well and good...but how about a bassoon that shoots rockets?

Ok, this one has something to do with the Windham World Cup Finals. 1980's Swedish-poodle-haired-rockers Europe blast out the Final Countdown. It'll be a crime if this tune doesn't make it to a Windham highlights video!

Have a good weekend.