It's Friday, we're keen to just get out and ride skateboards, surf, drift motos, machine some stuff in the shed and the many other things that we don't actually know how to do but we'd like to. So why not join us on a tour of some impressive action from all of the above, below? Are we making any sense?

Seven minutes of moto whips - say no more


NEVER too late

The Now with Curren Caples - all round insane talent

Superbike drifting

Brothers on the fly - a Swedish fly fishing trip

Surfing Russia - what an adventure

Flat track at its best - one day...

Eclat in Chile - bonkers riot kicks off!

Helmet 5Axis machining - inspiration for shed dwellers

BF-IT online release trailer - make sure you watch this for an education in style

Bike flip on an MX bike - should not be possible