Did you know that the owl is the only bird that gets paid an hourly rate? I didn't either and couldn't give two hoots, but I do prefer a Barn over a Tawny.


Twit twoo

Space invaders

Jolly good shot Roger.

The groms are rocking...a 6 year old skater...

...and an 8 year old rally driver.

If you're afraid of heights then don't go to Preikestolen in Norway...

...and steer clear of Tarragona, Spain too.


We're all thinking the same thing...yes...you should never keep bananas in the fridge.

Give him another series you shits.

face painting

Some freaky face painting going on.

Swimming in places like these isn't advised.


In 1985 camcorders didn't get much better than this bad boy.

Pastrana goes to NasCar.

your song here

Post up a link to a nice tune for the weekend and I'll wang the one I like best here.

I think it's game over. Brian found this. ' Where's My Monkey? ' Parker