Chris White, bass player for 60's band The Zombies, has a Birthday today.

The Zombies - She's Not There

Philberts Phriday Photographer.

Philbert sat on the couch last night and watched "The World's Fastest Indian"...again.

This is not a negative statement as it should be required viewing if only to see some trick old racing kit.

With the film still in my mind I spent tonight looking for pictures of salt flat racing and came across Simon Davidson from Australia.

Some mega images on his site and his 'speedweek' section really stood out for me.

Go check it out, then rent "The World's Fastest Indian", you won't regret it.



The volcano jokes keep on coming.

A good old fashioned 1950's knife throwing mother.


Posted: 12.23 07/05/2020

Pah, who needs proper panniers.

We need more karaoke fails on here.

A video recorder and a Sony Walkman, fishing and dancing, life couldn't get any better in the '80s.

When PrintScrn isn't an option.

motocycle jump

Robbie Maddison's grandad.

bigglie bigglie

Tim March has an ecletic new blog going, therestlesswind , check it out.

snow white

pop pop

The ripped bass cab sound of Daisy Chainsaw wraps up things for this week, have a good weekend folks.