From the people who brought you baby monkey on a pig comes the latest sensation...a monkey on a dog...herding goats!!! Only on the Friday Randoms!!!

Monkeys riding dogs herding goats, it doesn't get much better than this!!! Nine minutes long but you only need to watch two minutes to get the idea!


To sleep perchance to dream.

There's no monkey on his back but this poor pooch is getting teased good and proper.


Did I tell you that I can remember every tortoise I ever met? I call it turtle recall.

Quite cool to see what a 1000fps camera can do. We could film some amazing bike related stuff with this...anybody got one I can use?

Us lot at Dirt went to watch TT3D last night, the Isle of Man TT documentary with Guy's AMAZING!!! Go and watch it now!!!


Accept my friend request...pleeeze!


Half man, half owl...twit twoo!


Metronomic Synchronicity

royal wedding osama hunt hat

When Royal Wedding head gear and Osama hunting collide.

your song goes here

Line up your song choices ones will make the Friday Playlist!

From James: Doppelganger - Breaks My Head

From Sam: Bunny Wailer - Soul Rebel

Have a good weekend folks and I'll see you back here bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning.