Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaarrrrrghhhh! Welcome to this weeks amazing random internet selection that actually have nothing to do with pirates.Well, okay, one of them does.

Slam Ball-you no longer need to be tall to play basketball.

we shave balls

It's a skillful job, one slip and you get the sack.

Spotted by gbarnewall from the Dirt forum: Diet Coke + Mentos + 3D would be an awesome combo.

sky scrapper rabbit

Some funny caption to do with rabbits and skyscrappers, any takers?

http://mpora.com/videos/r2ezFD8AD More Mountain Biking Videos >>

The future of helmet cam videos?

bad food

I thought I was feeling a bit dicky after last nights gourd and parrot pie.

Horse man
Horse man

Greg from Straitline reckons we should have more epic pictures like this in the magazine.


Michael Bolton Jack Sparrow

your song goes here

Todays song theme is pirates. Line up your pirate songs in the comments below and I'll add the best ones to the weekend playlist...me hearties!!!

Kensington's alarming choice: You Are A Pirate (Lazy Town)

Mon the Biffy, Wocketfast suggests: The Captain, Biffy Clyro

Fruity tune from Joe: Cosmo Jarvis - Gay Pirates

That's it for this week folks, have an ace weekend of riding and digging and chilling and dancing and riding and sleeping and eating and drinking.

See you Monday.