Here are some tricks and treats from the hallowed internet superhighway.

Some amazing pumpkin carvings from Makezine.

The fusion of man, whale and Tina Turner.

Shakey in da house.

Just clocked this over on Moto

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A Friday Random compilation.

Press 1 for customer service, press 2 for phone sex...

Holy Sardine, Batman Shark Attack!

Holy Parkour Dog From Ukraine!


More pictures to frazzle your eyes and hurt your brain.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

New York City tiltshift timelapse.

Classic bicycle drag racing spotted by Stacy Kohut, who's up for some of this?

Click licky dog if you want a dog to lick your screen.

your song here

As per last week, the first person to post a link to a suitable Choon for the weekend gets their song here.

How about a Halloween themed tune?

Mellow one from Fraser

Heavy one from mamadirt

Dave Rush "This one from the mighty dark analord richard d james makes those others look and sound like the care bears. FACT. turn it up and shit your ears!!"

Actually this is my fav so far from Wayne.