Why cable car randoms this week? Well today is the day that we should all be thanking Andrew S. Hallidie, because in 1871 he received a patent for a cable car system! That's a lot longer ago than we would have guessed. Anyway, cheers Andrew for inventing the finest uplift device, and these randoms are in your honour...

Easily the best bike component failure meltdown that I've ever seen.

People are awesome...yes, but to be honest I think at least 90% of those featured in this video are better described as mental.

Ok, so cyclocross racing is a little dubious, but this guy clearly is awesome.

Crazy...mental...random...amazing...all of the above.

I love people who have too much time on their hands, cos they do things like this.

And this. If only cakes really could make themselves.

Somebody is going to have a heart attack one of these days.

I want a Bowler.

And finally, Happy Birthday Mr Shabba Ranks.