The Frew Farm Jam, which was featured in Seb Kemps 'Dirty South' article back in issue #102 is back on and the date is set for Feb 26th 2011. This day of FMX, BMX, MTB mayhem is a must see if you are in New Zealand..or screw it, make the trip, it's worth it.

There are X-Games medalists, men of pipes and dreams, and fields of perfectly sculpted senders.

Seb Kemp takes up the story: "This is the email I just got from Dan Frew, one of the brothers Frew who organize the best outdoors ride/party/spectacular south of the equator..."

Attached is the Poster for UNIT Farm Jam 2011, Massive thanks to Unit for the design, and Miles Holden for the image! Last years Farm Jam champ Levi Sherwood (X-Games FMX silver medalist) is the Poster boy..  He is pretty excited about coming back this year, but don't worry we are organizing him some heavy competition! Things are going to get crazy this year!


Farm Jam is all geared up for 2011, with the date set for Feb 26th. Unit Clothing from Australia have been behind us from the start, and this year we have rewarded them with the naming rights for 2011. They are throwing everything at it, and pushing it as what they describe as 'the best event in the world'..


Between Ourselves, Unit, and Jase Hancox from Basket Productions we have produced a 5 minute Web Video that is certainly well worth checking out. Its Brett and my take on what the Farm Jam is. 

FMX BMX MTB this is the Farm Jam,Southland New Zealand from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Farm Jam slides in nicely a week after the Nitro Circus Tour final round in Dunedin, and the first round of the Motocross Nationals in Timaru. We are hoping for a repeat of last years weather so we can let everything flow along as it should!


There has been a massive amount of interest from Riders, being this far out from the event, and the nature of our games we are reluctant to name any athletes who are trekking over, but its fair to say there will be plenty from Australia, as well as some possible rep's from the U.S of A, and Europe.. Not to forget the depth of Kiwi's that are here to represent! Levi Sherwood is recovering from his injury well, and we are using him as the Poster boy, and Radio Ad's etc, he is really pumped on making it back! The courses have all been revised and improved, things are looking awesome! MTB wise expect Kelly 'McMassive' McGarry, Brett Frew, Lewis Jones to represent NZ and there is a number of international riders who will be making the journey to the farm we hope.


Photos taken by Camilla Stoddart, and Miles Holden.

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