Our sister site bikemagic.com picked up on the shocking news that a French enduro rider has tested positive for a masking agent and is currently serving a 6 month ban.

The positive test occurred in November 26th, 2011 at the Megavalanche Reunion Island event and the details were announced late last year.

Curiously the rider's identity is being kept anonymous and the seemingly rather lenient ban is being served in the off season.

The French websitejustaboutvelo.com have more news.

Here's a google translation of the original document

French Agency for the Fight against Doping:

September 6, 2012 Summary of decision on Mr. ...: "When cycling event offroad called M├ęgavalanche. Mr. ..., holds a license issued by the French Cycling Federation, has been subjected to a doping control conducted November 26, 2011 in Saint-Paul (Reunion).

Results established by the Analysis department of the Agency December 20, 2011 have highlighted the presence hydrochlorothiazide. According to a report issued 16 May 2012 by the Department analyzes Agency, the analysis of urinary control, intervened at the request of this sport, has confirmed that result.

By a decision of 6 September 2012, the French Agency for the fight against doping, entering these facts on the basis of the provisions of 1 of Article L.232-22 of the Code of sports under which it is competent to impose disciplinary sanctions unlicensed individuals of French sports federations, decided to pronounce against Mr. ... the sanction of disqualification from competition for six months and sporting events organized or authorized by the French Cycling Federation.

By Agency pursuant to Article L.232-23-2 of the code of sport, it is requested French Cycling Federation to cancel the individual results obtained by the applicant in the cycling event offroad called "Megavalanche", held on 26 November 2011 at Saint-Paul (Reunion), with all resulting consequences including forfeiture of medals, points and prizes.

The decision takes effect from the date of notification to Mr. ... " Note: The decision was notified by letter athlete September 20, 2012, the latter having acknowledged this letter on 21 September 2012. Mr. ... will be suspended until 20 March 2013 inclusive.