More FOX forks recalled

Fox have sent through some more details of fork models that they adding to the product recall started last month. From the first batch of forks advice is that if you have the 2013 Evolution Series forks manufactured between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012 then you should stop using them immediately. Details of the serial numbers and how to identify the forks with a potential issue can be found here.

The best thing to do is follow the steps on the recall website to check if your forks are affected. Mojo were happy to talk to people when we spoke to them after the first recall was announced but the first port of call should be the website then your local dealer.

Here's the word from FOX and all the details of how to get your forks sorted.

FOX has also identified an additional eighteen fork ID codes and one serial number that are part of this voluntary recall. Consumers that have a fork with one of the IDs below may be a part of the recall and should check or re-check their serial number using FOX's recall website or phone number. The consumer with the fork having the serial number listed below is a part of the recall. In either case, cease using the fork and contact FOX immediately.

Additional Serial Number: 415583-0051

Additional ID Codes: CD28, CD2Q, CD3H, CD3J, CD66, CD97, CDLG, CDP6, CDX7, CDX8, CDYL, CFGS, CFQW, CFXT, CH5B, CH6P, CH8R, CHXX

The full release is available at:

A few points from the press release that are worth noting:


• Evolution Series appears on the largest left and right decals


• Fork Colors: Black, White, or Green


• Remote or non-remote

• Travel: 120mm-160mm

• Decal Colors: Black & White with Silver, Grey, and custom PMS color combinations that are coordinated with the bike's color scheme


• Locate the fork's serial number stamped on the underside of the crown. You will need to

remove your front wheel to get this information. You may also need to clean this area depending on your bike's use. If it's a remote fork, you'll need to remove the cable hanger

to see the entire serial number. Please also note that the numbers 0, 3, and, 8 can look very similar.

• Enter the serial number in the interactive form at

• You will then be guided through upgrade process step-by-step.

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