Let's all chip in and buy this place. Okay so it's not a mountain bike park...yet. But it could be!

Ex-Dragon Downhill honcho Jason Carpenter spotted this property forsale near Caerphilly, South Wales.

Jason reckons "The farm has it's own Downhill, road uplift and barns for indoor winter riding. Same soil conditions as Cwmcarn, build it and ride it same day. Know anyone interested in developing a UK whistler?"

If we can get 10000 riders then that's only 180 quid each, plus a bit for installing the chairlift, cafe, and building the trails...but imagine what an amazing facility!

Actually just spotted that it's only got a small area of woodland the rest is open fields, maybe we need to hold out for a place with more trees?

Anyway check it out here.

Who's up for it?