It's that time of the week again and we have knocked up a tidy bunch of videos for you to wrap your eyes round, technically it's not Friday but we all know that it's nearly the weekend so this is a perfect opportunity to slope off into the internet and get ready for the long weekend.

1. IN DEEP - Brayton Battles the Andes Pacifico

The season kicks off this weekend in Chile and DirtTV will be there covering the whole thing from start to finish. The riding looks bonkers out there and we recently took Adam Brayton to race the Andes Pacifico. Here's the video from Creative Concept.

2. Enduro World Series 2013 recap

Time to get your appetites wetted for the coming season, we put together this banger from last year's racing to get you in the mood for what is to come from the 2014 season. It might be on smaller bikes but some of the stages are just as mental as DH.

3. Lapierre Gravity Republic World Cup 1 2014

A solid start for the French team in the 2014 season with the whole team placeing 6th or above. Aaron Bartlett of Creative Concept (hope he brings us cake next time he's down!) is with the team again for the season and this is video number one.

4. Hutchinson UR Team  Pietermaritzburg 2014 WC N°1

Mick Hannah was so close to the win in PMB again but as with World Champs he was pipped to the win by the last rider. Gwin over Minnarr this time but a bitter pill to swallow.

5. UK Gravity Enduro round 1 - AE Forest

The series has kicked off and Aiden Bishop has been covering the racing, if you want to check out the full report then hit the link here.