Ever since we first threw a leg over the Canyon Sender we thought it was a shame it wasn't being raced at the highest level.

However, some very telling social media posts (and, of course, the rumours melting pot) seem to suggest that our wish may be fulfilled.

First Canyon posted a video of Fabien Barel talking about the idea. He said: "I definitely believe that downhill is the Formula One of racing and generally racing is the perfect spot of development for the brand itself. Being in the top World Cup circuit with our bike will definitely raise the technology and performance of the product"

Watch the full thing here:

And now today Canyon posted this cryptic Instagram with the caption "it's coming".


So now the question is, who is in the picture? Could one of the silhouettes be Fab? We doubt he'll be racing (although he did compete at recent Crankworx downhill events) but we're sure he'd be involved somehow.

Other than that there are a load of riders floating around this off season ready to pick up a race sear. Loris Vergier, Troy Brosnan, Fraser McGlone, Luca Shaw, Ruaridh Cunningham, Joe Smith, Gaetan Vige and Reece Wilson are all currently without rides next year.

We can't wait to see what 2017 brings for Canyon.