World Cup downhill and 4x MS/Evil rider Filip Polc took a nasty slam out in Whistler, Crankworx at the weekend and was taken to hospital with neck injuries. The latest word however is positive

Filip told us:

I'm still waiting for the MR scan. Will see better what hapened with muscles and stuff.

I crashed on the Garbanzo track on my race run. All went quite nice and smooth but after couple of minutes I sliped on a wooden bridge, lost the front wheel and fell about 1,5metres onto the bridge. I hit a log with my head! I wasnt knocked out, but felt big pain in my neck. I thought I can finish my run but than I realized it's not gonna happen.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Todd Seplavy from Evil Bikes said:

"Just a quick email update for all of the sponsors, media, and friends of EVIL who have called or emailed over the past 24 hours about Filip's injury status. We are VERY happy to report that it looks like he has a badly sprained neck. The CAT scans and MRIs came back negative. Polcster's Crankworx will now be spent from the sidelines and drinking Kokanees. We all did a bit of nail biting and are super stoked that it's not much, much worse!

Again, thank you to everyone for their support of Filip today."

Filip said:

"Looks like just the muscles are stretched, nothing broken, but it will take couple of weeks to get full movement and power in my left shoulder and my neck and jaw...

we''ll see"Filip Polc injury update