This sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, night racing, dirt jumping, airbags, prizes, trophies, girls, DJ's and a farmer called John!

Dirt's SouthEast correspondent Rod Fountain just beamed over this exciting news about this festival/race happening up North. Not sure what South East Rodder's was doing up North? Any way here's the news.

Farmer John’s DH: You’ve not done one like this before.

Popping into Leisure Lakes bike shop in Bury, Lancashire, for a tube last week I got chatting to local pinner Nick who mentioned this bonkers event over at the ever innovative Farmer John’s just outside Stockport. I’ve heard of some mad recipes for insane bike weekends before but this one’s got to be up there with the best of ‘em. I asked Nick some questions about the event and here’s what I got. Sounds like a hell of a way to round of your summer.


What is it?

The most insane weekend you’ll have this side of a chairlift.

Where is it?

Farmer John’s Race Track which is in Marple, Stockport.

When's it on?

10th and 11th of September

How much is it?

£25 for members £30 for non members.

How do I register?

Turn up on the day for first come first served, or hit up on Farmer Johns Facebook page:

What's the best bike to ride?

Downhill / Freeride bike but there’s also a man’s, sorry, Hardtail category

What's happening over the two days?

On the 10th there’s practice from 12 o’clock onwards, but also a dirt jump airbag and dirt jump competition. In the evening there’s a night DH race and the usual chaos (see below). On Sunday there’s practice and seeding in the morning followed by the race in the afternoon, all officially timed. Finally there’s the podium and prizes.

Whoah, back up, what the hell’s a 'night DH race'?

Ha! Its run on a tamer DH course that’s floodlit but you can use a light if you want. It’s still timed and is predictably mental.

Will there be prizes?

Yup, lots. There are free giveaways and a goody bag for all who enter. Fox, Hope, Orange and Leisure Lakes Bikes have all dug deep to provide rad prizes and give-aways.

Are the rumours of camping / party true?

Massively true: if you’re racing camping is free and there’s burger van to see you through. There’s also the non-bike type of DJ with music all night. Oh, and the Monster Energy and / or Red Bull girls will be there dishing out refreshments. We had a 300 strong crowd last year too and it was better than any festival.