Wowzers! The Dirt 2011 Fantasy League was almost as exciting as the race season itself!

Thanks to everyone for playing and big thanks to Trek for supporting the project and donating the super prize.

After 7 rounds and the World Championships we have a winner of the Dirt Fantasy League.

And the winner is...Phil Stephens!!!

(Phil get in touch and we'll sort your prize out)

After Val di Sole the points were super close between Rob Parkin, Heikki Hall and Colin Hill with Phil Stephens back in 9th spot.

But the choice of World Champion proved pivotal, Phil Stephens went with Rachel Atherton who took second while the others chose Aaron Gwin or Sam Hill and lost vital points.

Phil will be winning a spanking new Trek Session 8

Checkout the Dirt Fantasy Downhill to see where your team finished up.

fantasy results