The premier of Clay Porter's new film F1RST was held last weekend at the Sea Beaver festival in Monterey.

I asked Clay how it went and he said "Yeah mate. The premiere went super good. Nearly sold out crowd in a massive theatre that sat almost a 1000 people. The film should be in stores in about two weeks. I'll let you know about the UK premiere soon."

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Photo:Clay Porters Dad, Mr Porter Snr.

Read what Rachel Atherton thought about the film in here blog.

"Clay captures racing like nothing else I know, he see's it from each persons point of view, he really gets across the pain of one person and the joy of another, and being a documentary style film, he takes you back to relive history being made. Because thats what it is, history being made. Think about the kids that in 8 years time will watch F1rst and see Hill take victory after victory, they'll be able to practically feel his strength, and when he is beaten, they will either feel for him or cheer for the, not necessarily, underdog. And for me that is why Clays films rule, because they document what we, me and you, spend our lives trying to achieve. Effortless style and grace on a bike, which will lead to more fun, to speed and perhaps to glory, and whilst we strive towards that goal, when the going gets tough all we need do is whap on F1rst, see Peat determined to win, see Blenkinsop drift lazily round a turn, watch JD Swanugaun do the sickest whip ever, feel hills silent strength, and think to ourselves 'why the heck not?'" More Videos >>

F1RST Premier