Get ready for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes series from a truly epic sporting dynasty: The Athertons.

Red Bull have teamed up with Clay Porter to deliver this series exclusively to and

First episode coming this Friday. Check out the press release beneath the trailer for more details. More Mountain Biking >>

Red Bull will launch a brand new reality online TV series: ‘The Atherton Project’, on Friday 15th May.

The fly on the wall show will track the exploits of the most famous family in mountain bike history. Follow British riders Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as they compete in the 2009 UCI World Cup Series and the World Championships in Australia, where Rachel and Gee will defend their 2008 crowns.

The series promises to delve deep into their lives, especially life away from the training routines and competitions. Viewers will get an unprecedented insight into what makes the amusing trio click as the series unfolds. All aspects of family life will be uncovered; nothing will be left to the imagination, even the areas usually reserved just for family and friends!

The man behind the camera is legendary mountain bike film maker Clay Porter. Dan, Gee and Rachel have given him unlimited access to their lives as he follows them all over the planet in the one of the craziest adventures to hit the internet.

In the first instalment viewers meet the family during their winter training in California. Tune in to find out which one of them is scared of spiders. Plus what wise words does Rachel have for US President Barack Obama? The entertaining episode tracks their progress all the way to South Africa as they compete in the first round of the UCI World Cup. Expect plenty of ups and downs as one of them has to face up to some harsh realities after being hit by a truck.

The fast paced show has been created specifically for an online audience and new episodes will released every other week, and be available first on and, and then via all good websites and video platforms.

Clay Porter has teamed up with the Athertons to produce an internet reality TV show