Okay, I was in a rush for the free buffet at the Core Bike show and missed out on the details of the Hope stem, so I phoned Neil from Hope this morning...here's what he told me:

"The new stem is still at final proto and testing stage. It goes for it's destruction test today in fact!

At the moment though I can tell you it's a 4 bolt direct mount, effectively a 0 degree rise (actually just less than that) with a 50mm offset.

The 2 bolt and dovetail fastening is something to help with carbon bar fitting and also the nice clean lines.

Weights and prices I can't give you a specific at the moment - weight will be here it needs to be so it doesn't break and every other bit will be removed! and the price I would expect to be around the £85 mark.

We also have our standard short dh/fr stem in 50mm and 70mm going over to the same design with a couple of other tweaks and that will roll in into the year.

I should aslo tell you we have a Fox 40 top clamp and stem combo happening as well....."

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

This proto was bolted to a pair of Fox 40, but will also fit BoXXers.

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