Dirt man Jonesy travelled to the Bossard factory in Toulouse to get the exclusive first view of thier new downhill fork, the Idyll. Here's what our man says:

"It's been no secret that the most successful racer ever, Nicholas Vouilloz, has returned to Bos suspension for the next two years to develop the new downhill fork -the Idyll. Tomorrow, tuesday he begins extensive testing in the south of France.

Last week I was fortunate to be able to go behind the closed doors at Bos to get this first look at the new fork. Jean Christophe Charrier talked me through the very different damper which has the conventional lowers as opposed to the upside down that the company is known for.

Olivier Bossard was carrying out a huge amount of dyno testing at the time of the visit - the amount of force being exerted was completely insane, I thought we were having an earthquake. People have been waiting for Bos to come out with a fork for years and now they have full suspension front and rear it is a refreshing and timely entrance back into the sport.

If Nico rated his old turn of the century Bos damping as still being better than any of todays production units then these new forks and shock from Toulouse will be something pretty special. Arguably no-one knows how to balance theory with rider feedback from the most exacting competitor on earth better than Bossard. "

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The first glimpse of the new Idyll.

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