There's no getting away from it, Evil bikes have managed to put together a pretty topsy-turvy history in only a short amount of time. It all started with some big names in the industry getting together to create the company that they had always wanted to create. There was a huge amount of promise, and a huge amount of hype too. Then, for a whole load of reasons, many of which we've never truly got to the bottom of, it all kind of went a bit pear shaped. That was then though, and now it finally looks like Evil might eventually fulfil their potential/promise.

1_MG_0223 sin fondo azul ni reflejo
1_MG_0223 sin fondo azul ni reflejo

It seems crazy to say it, but it must have been at least two years ago since we first saw prototypes of this carbon Undead being ridden by the Evil team. A lot has changed since then though, but it's still fair to say that this Undead is essentially a refined version of the original Revolt, but instead of being made from aluminium this one is made from carbon.


We've got to say we're loving the look of this new frame. If ever a frame lived up to its name it has to be this one. It just looks menacing, it could have walked straight off the set of Alien.


The rear end looks just as great too, and judging by the disc rotor frame protectors this frame has some sweet little details going on.


At the heart of the frame remains the Dave Weagle designed Delta Suspension System, complete with the 'Flip Chips' that allow you to alter the bottom bracket height of the frame. Compared to the aluminium Revolt though this carbon Undead weighs in at just over 10lbs, which is 3lbs lighter than its predecessor. Despite the carbon route often meaning that companies skimp on frame sizes, especially when it comes to DH bikes, Evil have made the welcome decision to offer the Undead in no fewer than four sizes. That's more than many companies offer their aluminium frames in.

Silverfish are the UK importers for Evil and as well as already having stock of these frames they've also already built one up. They haven't gone silly and fitted things like Ti bolts, yet it weighed in at a very race worthy 35lbs! Anyway, until we get one to test out properly, here's the official press release...

Evil Bikes are back from the grave and release the Undead to UK riders.

It's fair to say that Evil Bikes have been on quite a journey during the companies lifetime with as many highs as there have been lows but through blood and sweat they have kept the beast alive.  2013 sees the release of the new carbon downhill bike the Undead, which has jumped the pond and is available in the UK right now from Silverfish UK.  A high pressure moulded carbon fibre constructed main frame wraps Evil’s Delta-Link suspension system to give the Undead 203mm of rear travel and a low race ready weight.

Evil are a brand forged through passion by a family of designers and engineers which share a common love of mountain biking and it’s through their passion Evil’s heart beat remains strong.  Their latest creation the Undead is a downhill bike unlike the world has ever seen. Constructed from carbon fibre the Undead's frame looks like it has been crafted by Beelzebub himself and with its raw matt black carbon finish and stealth looking angles it will have you selling your soul to ride one. Based on design legend Dave Weagle's Delta Suspension System the Undead shares a lot of the geometry and ride attributes which made the Revolt so popular but tips the scales at just over 10Ibs, a whole 3Ibs lighter than its predecessor, making it more heaven than hell on the trail.

They say that the Devil is in the detail and the Undead is no exception. Flip Chip geometry gives you the ability to tune your BB height while upfront the bike features an adjustable head angle giving you the ability to go from a steep set-up to a slack one without the need for additional headset cups. Out of the box dampening duties for the 203mm of travel are handled by a Fox RC4 Kashima rear shock which is protected by a removable carbon mud guard and a replaceable ISCG mounts is the perfect partner for your e*thirteen chain guide.


  • High pressure moulded raw unidirectional carbon frame
  • Delta System Linkage with High-load Spherical bearing developed by Enduro
  • Fox RC4 Kashima rear shock
  • Flip Chip adjustable geometry
  • Adjustable head tube angle
  • Integrated headset
  • Integrated fork bumper and cable guide
  • Replaceable rear dropout
  • Integrated removable carbon fibre rear fender
  • Offset shock placement
  • Replaceable ICSG 05 adaptor
  • Rubber chainstay protector
  • Integrated removable Downtube protector
  • Integrated removable Downtube shuttle guard
  • 203mm of travel
  • 150mm x 12mm Rear Axle
  • Comes with headset
  • Two sets of decals included

Weight: 10.06Ibs (medium frame with shock)

Size: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

SRP: £2499

The Undead is available in the UK now.  Visit for further information.