e.thirteen introduce the Staccato 8 flat pedal.

Here's what Dirt's Your Neck contributor Pete Drew told us:

We first saw images of these pedals a few months ago but were put under a spotlight and told if we let anything slip then the guys at e.thirteen would recreate the James Bond/ Daniel Craig chair scene from Casino Royal on us!

Dave Weagle and his crew at e.thirteen never seem to stop when it comes to new designs, innovation and creating new ideas; ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘pushing the envelope’ are daily occurrences at e.thirteen HQ.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

e.thirteen is ready to announce what they plan to be a new revolution. Platform pedals have mainly used the same design since the 1980s, but in-keeping with the team's core principle of structural efficiency, e.thirteen have re-thought the bicycle pedal from the ground up; resulting in a truly unique, innovative new product. Since 2002, flat pedals have been a vaporware project at e.thirteen; prototypes have been built, tested, and shown, but until now none have been intended for sale. The Staccato 8 project is the result of several years of research and collaboration with some of the world's top riders. At the heart of the Staccato 8 platform is a new patent-pending bearingless axle system; this system reduces weight and assembly time, and eliminates the possibility pedal bodies separating from spindles. Adjustable rate pedal spin and fully sealed and serviceable guts top off this groundbreaking design, and with removable impact resistant pedal platforms and a high-strength aluminum core, the design will set a new standard in light weight and impact resistance. It doesn't stop there: an anatomical platform and pin design that conforms to the foot in multiple directions provides the perfect balance of traction and foot placement. The Staccato 8's super thin 17mm profile and 5mm thread anti-strip traction pin design means no more broken off pins or destroyed pin threads. As one can imagine, a host of the innovations in this groundbreaking pedal design are pending patent in the USA and Europe: Don't even think about it. :)

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia


Dave Weagle designed

High strength Aluminium core

Patent-pending bearingless axle system

Adjustable rate pedal spin

Interchangeable impact resistant pedal platforms

5mm pin threads with 2.5mm allen key adjustment

17mm profile

Custom water proof seals

Under 450g

Patent-pending anatomic concave foot centering faces

Variety of platform sizes and pin lengths

Ti axle and magnesium body pedals in the works

Available late 2008 from Silverfish

Price TBC

Colors TBC

e.thirteen introduce the Staccato 8 flat pedal.e.thirteen introduce the Staccato 8 flat pedal.