The Andes Pacifico is an Enduro race lasts four gruelling days, with nearly 10,000 vertical meters of descending, with a beautiful Chilean backdrop all the way. The race is limited to 80 riders, entries are now open, so if you're up to the challenge you can enter online here now.

Here's a trailer for the event.

Official Release:

Andes Pacifico is a Mountain Bike Enduro race that lasts four days with liaisons and special stages that run across the Geography of Chile. 

Our mission is to show Chile and its ancestral trails made by cowboys and Indians starting from the Andes all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The competition starts at 3550 meters and crosses westward for 4 days over ten valleys of different geographies, landscapes and vegetation to reach the Pacific Ocean after dropping nearly 10,000 vertical meters. 

During these four days the riders will be challenged by very technical trails and physical difficulty, for each type of landscape a good state of mind and focus is very important to finish this competition. 
That’s why Andes Pacifico Enduro is limited to 80 riders who will require approval by the organization after submitting their application.

In this application riders must submit an Enduro experience resume, the organization will decide if the technical and physical level of the rider is ad-hoc to compete in the Andes Pacifico.

Applications are open from: September 1, 2013 12:00 AM, until: September 30, 2013 11:50 pm. Applications received will be answered within the following 15 days after being received by the organization. For applications accepted, the rider will receive a confirmation email with a code and instructions to complete the registration and payment. If there is no response from the rider in the 10 days after your confirmation has been sent by e-mail, the entry code will expire and the USD$60 application fee will be lost.

For rejected applicants, the application fee will be returned to the same credit card or account used for the purchase . There is a maximum number of 80 riders for the 2014 edition. The registration fee will be USD$1000.00 + USD$60.00 application fee = $1060.00

To learn more about the race and submit an application visit our website here.