Some gutting news from the guys at YT today as we've heard their entire demo fleet has been stolen from the Forest of Dean.

YT was exhibiting as part of its Rolling Circus tour when all the bikes were nicked overnight. We have no official information yet but we're hearing it could be up to 20 bikes gone. With the Pedalabikeaway hire shop having been targeted too in recent months, it seems that this was an organised hit by people who knew what they were after. Scumbags.

YT posted on Instagram: "Unfortunately our demo day in F.O.D is cancelled due to all our bikes being stolen in the night, please keep a look out for any YT Bikes being sold!

Sorry guys, we will be back!"

There's no news on exactly which bikes were stolen or whether the other demo days on the tour will still go ahead but we'll keep you updated on any info as we get it. In the mean time keep an eye out for any suspicious YTs (Jeffsy, Capra and Tues models) being sold online. Please call the police on 101 if you have any further information.