Jawburn, should be renamed as carnage. With super tight switchbacks, rockgardens and roots, all covered over in an ice like mud, which definitely claimed a few victims, check out the end of the gallery to see one of the victims.

The results have just landed for Stages One and Two of the Enduro World Series here in Peebles. In the women's the top four have stayed consistent for these stages and the brits are showing some strong performances too.

Tracy Moseley leads Anne-Caroline Chausson by over 10 seconds with Cecile Ravanel with the rest of the top five spread over another minute. Carrie Poole, Katy Winton and Helen Gaskell are in 10th, 11th and 12th respectively.

Full Results below

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/TweedLove-Enduro-World-Series-Stage-1-2-E1-Womens.pdf"]

The Men are still rolling over the line but we are pretty confident the top boys won't change. Nico Lau stamped his mark on the race and he was chased down stages one and two by two local lads. Joe Barnes took second place and Gary Forrest is in 3rd, Francois Bailly-Maitre and Damien Oton are in 4th and 5th respectively. Some more UK riders in the top 10 are Greg Callghan in 6th and Ruaridh Cunningham in 10th.

Jared Graves is back in 43rd (at the time of publishing) which we can only put down to a crash or mechanical. The young Enduro flyer Martin Maes is also notable by his absence from the top places, we hear he may have crashed and smashed his saddle off but nothing confirmed yet.

Here are the full results, they may change by the end of the day but pretty sure the top 5 are safe.

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/TweedLove-Enduro-World-Series-Stage-1-2-E1-Mens2.pdf"]

If you missed the preview video then check it out below.