Enduro World Series To Be Broadcast on DirtTV

Armchair Viewers To Get A Piece of the Enduro World Series Action, thanks to commitment from DirtTV to raise the bar of the Official Highlights show.

The Enduro World Series is pleased to announce that DirtTV will produce race coverage for each of the seven Enduro World Series events for 2013.

It's going to be a busy year for the Parkin Bros as they'll be covering the UCI DH World Cup as well as the Enduro World Series for DirtTV (they'll be racking up the Air Miles points thats for sure!)

More than race highlights the videos DirtTV produce will put storytelling front and centre, to ensure meaningful and entertaining coverage of the new discipline, from the race leaders to the everyday riders who are as much the soul of the sport as the pros.


Combining the most up to date filming equipment that the Parkin brothers are known for, the coverage will raise the bar of the enduro viewing experience.

In addition to two videos showcasing each event in the series, in the lead-up and during the race, a feature length highlights show will be produced and broadcast online by DirtTV in the week following each race.

DirtTV are excited about the coming season working with the team at the Enduro World Series. We are known for our world class race coverage and we will be producing edits that capture the essence of Enduro racing from across the world.

Says David Jaquin (of Mpora).

I am excited about the level of professionalism we will be bringing to enduro race coverage from every round and all season long, allowing us to tell the stories that unfold throughout the year. It gives us the chance to showcase the lifestyle and adventure and spirit that is at the heart of enduro. It’s great to be able to team up with DirtTV and harness their passion and professionalism, to give the sport the right kind of exposure.

Says EWS Managing Director Chris Ball.

John and Rob Parkin with their posh Red camera.  "Is it on yet?"

Both Rob and I are extremely excited to be covering the World Enduro Series. Enduro is going to be massive, and it's cool that we get to help show people what it is all about. We have been shooting world cups since 2006, so it will be rad to mix it up a little this year and shoot something a little different as well.

Says DirtTV man John Parkin.

Watch the full un-cut interview with Chris Ball here.