Enduro Me, Enduro You...aha!

Not sure why I went all Alan Partridge then, probably something to do with getting up at sparrow fart to post the Brendog news.

Anyway here is a nice edit giving an insight to what sort of enduro riding is available in Poland.


Enduro means having fun with speed, gravitation and demanding terrain. Riding in the rain, scorching sun and freezing cold provided that the place is beautiful and interesting. That is the essence of mountain biking and you will have opportunity to find all of this in Enduro Me – the film which tells about the most interesting places to do mountain biking in Poland.

http://mpora.com/videos/SaRDbYtjQ MPORA Action Sports

We tried to chose locations to shoot Enduro Me that have unique character, are exceptionally picturesque or simply give a lot of enjoyment from riding.

The areas around Dukla in the lower Beskids give a lot to remember. These mountains are inconspicuous but at closer look you can learn that they have plenty to offer and how diversified the local paths are. Abundance of clayish and smooth single tracks allow for reaching astonishing speed and jumping from natural bumps.

Beskid Wyspowy induces with difficult paths. Smooth ride along rocky and extremely steep trails is a real challenge. It also offers some relax by providing calming views on Tatra Mountains and multiple ranges in the Beskids.

Zawoja welcomed us with diversity. The most widespread village in Poland stretching between Polica Mountain Range and Jałowiecki Mountain Range offers all kinds of biking surfaces. You can encounter clayish trails and breakneck downhill runs with scattered stones and rock steps.

Śnieżnik in the Sudetes was our last stop. This mountain is completely different than the other slopes that we met before. It has wide flat top with slopes going down into deep valleys. Tails are studded with boulders which are additionally covered by coiled spruce roots.

Each place offered completely different experiences and fed us with diverse landscapes. Joy from the ride and exploration of unknown locations is the essence of mountain biking.

Starring: Tomek Dębiec, Mariusz Brian Bryja

Production: Tomek Dębiec

Director of Photography: Kostek Strzelski / www.delikatesyfilmowe.pl

Music: Duberman, album King Of The Day