New's of EnchoRage's new app dropped into the inbox and had us interested straight away. A few people have tried to create decent databases of riding destinations now, but this one looks more promising than any.

Review location, hook up with other riders, find out about events happening and read all the mountain bike news in one place on your phone. Sounds good! Here's what EnchoRage have to say about their app:

"We are about to launch (available in June) an exclusive MTB app for Smartphones. And as a commitment to respect of our ethical standards and integrity, the app will be available in English and French, on iPhone and Android, for free.

The app allows user to have a look to all the Bike Parks in Europe then in, a second's time, the world, using a list, a map, or a search tool. For each Bike Park, you can consult a lot of information like the opening hours, the price, the shuttles, the trails, the difficulty of the trails, the services available for the rider and more. And the users will be able to rate the Bike Parks and give their feelings about a day of riding at the Bike Park.


There is also a social section in our app, where every rider will have the opportunity to create an event (a ride session for example) at a Bike Park, and send invitations to their friends, and they will also have the opportunity to create a 'public event'.

Our app also has a 'News' section. In this section, riders will be able to have a look to the latest news about the Bike Parks, and the mountain biking universe in general." 

- EnchoRage