Duncan Riffle, Brad Benedict, and Andy Becker will all be on board the new F5 CHUMBA downhill bikes on there World Cup and North American racing campaign in 09’.

We had a bit of Chumba news in the last issue of Dirt. If you want to emulate the Riffle and you're in the UK then you can pick up a Chumba from Progressive Bikes who also bring in the Brodie. (They don't do the Bravo Condoms though, you'll have to buy your own).

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Obviously to be in this team, you've got to look miserable, have dodgy facial hair, long black socks and vans shoes...that's me all over, I'm in.

Official bmmmppfff:

“ I have achieved a lot on board a CHUMBA in my early racing carrier, many Jr. National titles, a top 5 at the World Championships in 2003 as a Jr., a Semi-Pro National overall title and my first US National Championships title in elite. They were a big part of my early carrier and I look forward to working with them again on this new venture of mine in developing some of the best race bikes in the world to become even better. We have been testing the new F5 downhill bike for the past week and are nothing but impressed at what it is capable of, and look forward to pushing these bikes to the limit on the World Cup circuit and promoting the CHUMBA brand and quality bikes to the forefront of the Mountain Bike world. “ –Duncan Riffle, team Rider/Owner

“Duncan Riffle's selection of CHUMBA Racing as the official frame sponsor for the Giantnerd.com/Duncan Riffle Racing World Cup trade team is not only thrilling to the entire company, but is further evidence of the reputation CHUMBA frames have for durability, high performance, and a staggering fifteen-year history of producing world championships," stated Alan Kang Esq. CEO of CHUMBA Racing.

Walter Grieves who acts as Director of Business Development for CHUMBA Racing spent the last six-months cultivating a strong Grass Roots Racing Program with a focus upon the racing heritage CHUMBA Racing is famous for. "Bringing Lars Tribus back on board while focusing on the 18 and under Junior X category was the obvious place to begin for us. Next we added a sizable factory race/demo tour support vehicle allowing us to grow the Grass Roots Racing Program into one of the largest, most vibrant teams currently in the nation.

Despite the prevailing economic conditions, our Company has been blessed with consistent growth and we were absolutely thrilled when a line of communication was opened with the Giantnerd.com/Duncan Riffle Racing World Cup trade team as Duncan has had enormous success on CHUMBA Racing frames in the past capturing a national title among other honors, a trend we anticipate being closely followed by Brad Benedict and Andy Becker. Duncan's innate entrepreneurial business sense is a perfect fit for the corporate culture at CHUMBA Racing that stresses self-reliance and horizontal integration. In addition, our sweeping geographic network of international distributors facilitates the expansion of our brand in each region the team travels to while the team benefits from logistical support and cultural immersion our distributors have historically provided our racers so generously."

The team’s first race on board the new bikes will be at the National in Pietermeretzburg, South Africa the week before the first round of the World Cup held on April 8-12, at the same venue.

Duncan Riffle, Brad Benedict, and Andy Becker will all be on board the new F5 CHUMBA downhill bikes for 09 world cup season