Woo, woo. This enormous cake turned up this morning, so in the absence of any mountain bike news I'll tell you about this cake.

It came from Ian Luff at the Drop Off Cafe in Glyncorrwg, South Wales. I'm not sure if it was Luffy or Luffy's mum that baked it but it tastes great and the spec is as follows:

Flavour: We think it's banana

Weight: 3.65 Kg

Width: 250mm*250mm

Height: 80mm

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Yes that is actually Cuthbert in the background, if you read Dirt 82 cover to cover you'll have spotted the comp on page 135. Loads of eagle eyed cherries ebeamed me, but the first to do so was Nigel from London who found Cuthbert here so he won the goodies.

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