The weekend saw the final Welsh DragonDownhill race of the year, round 5 at Pen-Yr - Heol Farm near Caerphilly. I missed the entry deadline due to being slack as, but thought I'd take the old Caddy out for an airing and go and have a watch.

The track is brand spanking new, and if it had been a sunny weekend racing would have been ace, but as it turned out it pissed down for most of the weekend turning the track into soup. Still it looked blumin good fun, the biggest start ramp I've ever seen led into a 4 minute blast, littered with jumps, whoops, flat out meadows, and rooty corners.

Elite Male

1 Matthew Simmonds Ancilloti UK 03:52:819

2 Ashley Mullane Shred/ 04:04:738

3 Daniel Critchlow GT UK 04:07:446

4 Robert Smith Syncros Electric 04:08:605

5 Tom Deacon Syncros/Electric/San 04:09:525

For the full results check the Dragon Downhill website.

Welsh Dragon Downhill race