From the original V8 many years ago to the Lacondeguy VAULT of today, DMR has always been a master of flats. 2017 marks a new direction for the company however as it plans to launch its first ever clipless pedal.

The DMR VTwin design will no doubt be familiar to fans of Shimano's S.P.D system, and the reason for that is simply because it's practically identical, but how is DMR getting away with imitating it so closely when no other brand has dared?

DMR Clip 2
DMR Clip 2

The answer is simple, Shimano's design has been around for 25 years and that means the patent is about to run out. DMR probably won't be the only company to swoop in on the design, but they're the first we've seen and they have more than enough pedal pedigree to back it up.

This isn't a simple rip off job though, some real thought has gone into this pedal. DMR wanted a pedal that could be tuned to a riders preference. That means each pedal will come with a packet of pins that can be arranged at will on the pedal. Each pedal also has nylon plates that can be raised or lowered with a set of shims to ensure perfect fit and prevent slipping.

At the moment, only the steel/steel versions have been produced but magnesium bodies and titanium axles are definitely on the horizon with a target weight of 300 grams. Prices are also TBC and we'll let you know before the release date in December.

DMR has also revamped its V8 pedal for 2017. The chunky legend still remains as the V8 Classic for those that love it as a retro workhorse, but the new pedal will be slimmer and lighter than its legendary counterpart.

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