The DMR Bikes Pump Track Challenge went indoors to the London Boat, Bike and Outdoor show in front of the 78,000 visitors to the show they could see super close racing on mountain bikes.

Bernard Kerr, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds, Scott Beaumont, &  Ben Baker all made apperances during the 4 days of the show but the Stars of the show were Kerr and Wilkins who both put on a display of wicked bike handling skills and played to the large crowds with there antics and crashes.

Bernard Kerr & Olli Wilkins pump track racing.

The Shoretrax wooden pumptrack was set up for the show to demonstrate what can be achieved using the standard track. For the next indoor show they are now designing a new super track which will have raised bermed corners and bigger pumps for increased speed.

After four days of racing DMR Bikes had given away a £1000 in prize money.

The guys from caught all the 4 days action and made this great film of the racing.



more photos on Pumptrack

This is first race of the DMR Bikes Pump track Challenge for 2012 dates and locations of up coming races will be on the website inducing the end of summer party race at Bristol in November.