Like a modern day A-Team you answered our call to arms yesterday by supplying some truly epic Friday Randoms!! Here's the best of the rest as put together by you (the Dirt reader)...

"We're a man down here at Dirt HQ, Billy ran off into the hills with his bike on Monday and we've not seen him since. You guys could just about save our bacon. If you've got something funny/weird/whacky/interesting/original that you think's worthy of the World Famous Friday Randoms (they are actually bigger than Jesus), then please drop us a link below and the ones with the most 'thumb ups' will get posted."

Moritz takes the top spot with the seemingly dull yet surprisingly amazing 50 Basset Hounds running. Click the image to see the rest.












Phatman gets in over his head with the Russians

Last week we brought you Rebecca Black, this week James brings us the remix. It's funny, then slightly uncomfortable, then funny then a touch sad.

Josh takes the next slot with a bit of spot gone wrong. Don't tell me this hasn't happened to you!

Jim drops this gem courtesy of the Sexy Sax Man. Funny and totally relentless.

Dom scares the crap out of everyone with a creepy girl in a corridor.

Nay drops this wonder but remember "drugs are bad".

Playing us out today is Ryan Spendlove, posted by Dwayne. In Dwayne's words "Anyone ever heard The Blueskins? Well they were very good, this is their singer/writter/frontman doing his solo thing in a pub. Bloody good". We're inclined to agree.