So here's a question for you...


This Skateboarding video show's legend Bob Burnquist pushing the envelope of what's possible on 4 tiny wheels with the help of a mega ramp, helicopter and a massive set of knackers.

I've been blown away by similar videos in BMX both on dirt and in skate parks but I'm struggling to think of a mountain bike equivalent. Yes we have freeriders sessioning huge jumps and pulling the most insane tricks in the process, but somehow it sort of falls short of the impact of this effort. Yes, Danny Mac spent a year putting together a 7 minute edit illustrating the incredible inner workings of his mind and exploring childhood fantasies. But that seems somehow in a different league. The Athertons alongside Clay Porter captured that amazing four by three session at revolution bike park which blew my mind. So am I just getting jaded?

Am I wrong? Can you think of such progressive examples of mountain biking prowess; am I just numb to MTB because its what I love, have seen to much and tend to skip through edits before they're done? Or is there something yet to come, is the envelope about to get thrown wide open?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, post your examples and I'll compile them and your opinions together in a future post.