Danny Hart

Aye up Danny, let's get straight into it, how about the 2012 WC season then? A crash in PMB, 6th in Val di Sole then 3 podiums including a 2nd at Fort Will, your 2012 season was looking good until that freak crash at the Euro Crankworx. How did you feel about the season?

I felt that I was going in the right direction this year, I was getting podiums at world cups, and riding well, my bike was good, I was feeling confident for the final two World Cups, Val di Isere and Hafjell, and the World Champs in Leogang, but yeah, I had a crash at Crankworx EU, and that put a stop to the rest of my season, but these things happen, it was my first proper injury that put me out of action for a good period of time.

Danny Hart in Mont Sainte Anne. Photo: Sebastian Schieck.


How is your shoulder now? Is it 100% fixed or do you have more rehab to do?

The shoulder is really good now thanks, I have been doing some testing on different settings on the DH bike, and I have no bother with my shoulder ever, I have been doing a lot of MX as well and it’s no bother in that either. I’m back in the gym now, getting my shoulder strong, because obviously the muscles didn't do anything for over three months, it gets tired a bit quicker than my other one.

Have you started your off season training regime yet? I suppose since the first World Cup isn’t till June 2013, it might be a touch early now?

No, I have started training, it is going really well, I have a new coach, Andrew Waddsworth. So it is good to have a fresh face in my corner, and I am really keen on training because I have not done anything for months so I had been quite bored before I started working again.

How's things working out with your new trainer?

Yeah, new trainer, new start, it’s great, I’m really enjoying training, it is a little different to what I have done in the past. At the moment I am doing a lot of gym work, with a lot of different exercises as to what I have done in the past so it is good to have a change in my programme. Also riding lots of MX.

Danny Hart at the Windham World Cup. Photo: Victor Lucas


What are your thoughts on the 2013 World Cup schedule five rounds in Europe and one in Canada? Do you think the season should be longer? Any venues you’d like to see included?

I think the season should be a little be longer yes, one or two more races. The start of the season is so late this year, whereas last year it was so early. I have never really done a long season in World Cups; they have all been relatively short, so yeah it would be cool to have a few more. It was a shame you couldn’t defend your World Champs title at Leogang due to injury.

The 2013 Pietermaritzburg track is going to be a tough one for you isn’t it, since it suits the bigger guys? Or do you think that it doesn’t matter about physical size; if you train specifically you can be competitive?

I feel that I am quite a strong peddler, from my result in Fort William last year (2nd in 2011 and 2nd in 2012), I actually made time up in the bottom section, so I'm just going to train hard, dig deep, and if I do that I know I will be strong. (Check out the Fort Will 2012 Geek Stats here.)

Danny Hart throwing the horns for the Dirt Fort William WC bike gallery.

You’re riding a lot of moto these days, have you raced the braaap bike yet? How did you get on? What bike have you got? What skills cross over between moto and downhill?

Yes, I've been doing a lot over this winter, Suzuki, gave me a bike for me to train on and do a few races on, so yes I do a lot of riding. I have done two races this winter so far, one last weekend, where I got 2nd overall in the A class. Then one a few weeks back, where my best result was a 3rd. I feel it is good because it is faster than DH, and it is a lot heavier so if you can muscle a RMZ 250 around underneath you, my Giant is easy.

What other races are you doing next year? BDS? Crankworx? Fancy a bit of Rampage? Any enduro-esque events? Mega?

Next year I will be doing all the world cups, and the majority of nationals. I will be back at Crankworx BC and probably EU, but the Rampage isn't for me just yet.

What was the last book you read? Do you read or do you prefer films, if so what’s the last good film you watched?

The book I am reading right now, is 'Mr Nice', a book about Howard Marks a world famous drug dealer, I have been reading it for ages, ha, I'm not a very good reader. I get bored watching films, ha, but the best film I have seen in the past few months was the latest American Pie, so funny!

How many bikes have you got hanging up in your shed nowadays?

Right now I have a two Giant STPs, a Giant Trance X Carbon, a Giant TCR advanced SL, dads Giant roady, a Giant Glory, a Dialled Stay Strong race BMX, KIS park BMX, one Suzuki RMZ 250, a Beta 250 rev 3, a moped, and my sister's pink XC bike!

What’s the last funny joke you heard?

What do you call a man with a number plate on his head? Reg!

What’s Christmas like in the Hart household then?

Probably go to my Mam and Dads for Christmas dinner then open a few presents and chill out! That’s the life isn't it!

Thanks Danny!