Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge is your tour guide for todays magical mystery ride on the Windham WC course in New York state.

The weather here in Windham is hot and sunny, Sian lloyd would describe it as sultry. Dusty roost is being thrown up on the corners.

So why are the riders covered in bog juice at the finish line?

Well, there are a number of natural springs throughout the course turning some sections into a quagmire.

Dan Stanbridge, did two helmet cam runs and asked me to use the second file because he cleared the awkward 'boggy double' on that run, but alas there was too much gloop on the screen, so I'm using the first edit. Soz Stanny.


PS. There is no music. If you want music then press mute and turn up your gramaphone with your favourite Brittany Spears, Napalm Death or Burt Bacharach tune.

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