We can't ignore the snow, it's everywhere. Here's some more videos of folk enjoying the white stuff.

http://mpora.com/videos/9vopApU2S More Ski >>

Adam Brayton and mates on the tube.

http://mpora.com/videos/GnHUPKPH5 More Mountain Biking >>


Eddie Pugh knocked up this class snow bike. "The story behind this is that because of all the snow we have had lately my school has been closed, and last friday i was at my friends house, George.

He had his old brothers bike frame and parts and we both wanted to make a Snowbike.....

We stripped it down, cut out skis for the bottom, did some welding and some other things and amazingly it worked."

Antikkala Talvi DH 28.3 videokooste kisasta from SavoMTB on Vimeo.

Aku Tuunainen from Finladn "Heres a small clip from race held last march in Kuopio. This winter we will have cup series here in Finland in three different locations. Studs or srews are the way to go."

Great Rock / Ragley Bikes Snow Riding from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Ed Oxley "It's not a pic it's a vid, but it's got a spanking tune, a hardtail, a crash, some steps, snow and sunshine. It's filmed by me and with me and is from the wonderland that is Calderdale in Yorkshire. "

Snowy Downhill near Farnham

Like a lot of folk I got snowed in yesterday with proper deep snow.

The Jing Cheng minibike got fired up and I set off to try and get to work.

Four hours later she got a puncture and the chain fell off, so I got home very late and cold.

The two helmet cameras I used were the ContourHD 1080p and the GoPro HD . I'll do a proper test on these two when I've used them a bit more.

Got a snowy video? Then send it in to Billy

Check below for new ones.

http://mpora.com/videos/VhFvjZK38 More Mountain Biking >>

P7 Playtime from John Chennells on Vimeo.

David Flynn "Another snowy vid for you. Self shot in the woods, I’m a loner, but pretty proud of it, haha."

http://mpora.com/videos/CetUfpDcl More Mountain Biking >>

Jack Hudson just sent this Snowy Video in.

Mini Downhill organiser Chris Roberts hitting 30.5kmh on a tiny plastic sledge.