Mountainbikers have a go at thrashing some motos round a steep boggy back garden. Don't think the neighbours mended too much! The Parkin Bros were there to witness the carnage.


The motorbike is undoubtedly a great training tool during these long and cold winter months for downhillers who are lacking motivation and looking to improve on their upper body strength.

It also provides a great opportunity to get together with some mates and have a bit of fun. Or at least that's what James Stock thought when he decided to organise the first Annual Moto Bogging Tournament in the field next to his house.

With a weeks worth of rain and some very slippery grass the track provided some very tricky conditions for the hour long enduro race. The only rule; complete as many laps as possible in one hour.

What started off as a race quickly turned into chaos with mud and motorbikes flying everywhere, the deep bogs claimed many people and bikes and the 13 strong field was reduced by half after just a few laps. French national Champ Romain Paulhan got an early lead then pulled out leaving the fight to Ralph Jones, Sam Dale and Gareth Brewin who utilised their extra horsepower to put in lap after lap despite numerous crashes.

In the end no one could match Ralph's consistency and he took the win with an impressive total of 16 laps, ahead of Sam Dale and Gareth Brewin.

Everybody had a great day even if they ended up spectating from their overheated bike, thanks have to go to James Stock for organising such an awesome event. Stay tuned for news of round 2.

1. Ralph Jones 16 Laps

2. Sam Dale 15 Laps

3. Gareth Brewin 14 Laps

4. Adam Morgan 12 Laps

5. Alex Stock 12 Laps

6. Alex Bond 11 Laps

7. Tudor Jones 8 Laps

8. Oli Burton 8 Laps

9. Romain Paulhan 5 Laps

10. James Stock 4 Laps

11. Joe Smith 2 Laps

12. Olivier Nicole 1 Lap

13. Perry Gardener 1 Lap

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