Cam Cole, Sam Blenkinsop, Sam Flockhart and Martin Astley take on the infamous Monduro.

Or in other words the Lapierre mob get pissed with the Monmouth locals.

You need to read the "Big Ugly Fish" story in the latest issue of Dirt (#119) for the big ugly story but basically the Lapierre gang came down to the DirtHQ in the Summer between World Cups and had a crack at a local enduro race...The Monduro.

Blenki, Cole, Flockhart and Astley got right into the spirit of the thing and a bloody good time was had by all.

Here's a video that gives you a rough idea of what went on.

(There's more talky bits that I'll add later.)

Big shouty outy to all the locals who made it happen. You knows who you are! DirtTV: Lapierre Race the Monduro