Kabooom! DirtTV Finally 4, the full film, is nearly here!!!

Get amped, pumped, stoked and generally buzzing with bees with this teaser trailer!

The definitive 2012 Downhill World Cup race video, Finally 4 (that's IV in old money), filmed and edited by the Parkin Brothers will be released (launched in space talk) really really soon (quite soon.)

So how can I watch Finally 4?

It'll be available for download on iTunes.

When? Tell me when?

Soon. Really soon.

What's on the video?

As well as the all the banging action from the 2012 WC season you'll also get some ace bonus sections, you know, big events like Crankworx and the Megavalanche.

And how long will the film be?

At least 60 minutes if not an hour.

And how much will it cost me?

£6.99. So less than seven quid.

Will you release a DVD at some point?


Thanks, I can't wait!